Treatment of common Martial arts injuries

Boxing, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Judo. What do these martial arts have in common… NO SHOES!

Being very physical pursuits injuries are common and with no protection foot and ankle injuries can be big obstacles. There are some strengthening and stability exercises for your feet that your podiatrist can take you through but impact and twisting injuries can be hard to prevent.

Personally I train in Muay Thai and BJJ, and in the past 6 months I’ve managed to injure my foot on three separate occasions (yes I am clumsy). I’ve had my little toe twisted away from the rest of my foot, I’ve kicked my training partners elbow and I’ve rolled all of my body weight over my big toe. In all of these instances my experience in podiatry and working with other podiatrists has allowed me to get back to the mats much quicker than expected.

Bruised and fractured bones, sprained and torn ligaments as well as inflammation and joint injuries, all of these are common. So how can podiatrists help?

It is so important when treating the foot to know exactly what is going on. Some martial arts experts can generate nearly 9000 newtons (about one tonne of force) with their kicks. With that much force going through the leg and foot it is vital to get diagnosis and treatment correct.

Your podiatrist will isolate and accurately diagnose the injury and prescribe a treatment program. Many of these injuries require more than simply rest and ice. Splinting, taping, strengthening and even moon boots can all be accessed and used when required. Correct treatment will not only get you back to action as fast as possible but will help to prevent re-injuring the same body part

Dale – Podiatrist. Blue belt. Clumsy