Prescription orthoses more commonly termed “orthotics’ are customised innersoles that are made from a cast of your foot.
People of all ages may wear orthoses.  Foot orthoses can be used to treat foot and leg pain that is recent or has been there for many years.  Sports people are often prescribed sports style orthoses to assist in peak performance or to address sporting injuries. People with feet who are experiencing excessive loading in their feet that may be causing corns, callus or ulcer may be prescribed offloading orthoses.
Conditions that we commonly treat with orthoses are heel pain, stress fractures, pain under the ball of the foot, foot pain and ongoing ankle sprains. At the Northern Foot Clinic, we have been using a weight bearing casting technique for several years to ensure your corrective devices are as comfortable as possible whilst maximising your perfect postural position. Foot orthoses should be comfortable and we are continually striving to ensure our clients experience maximum foot comfort.
At the Northern Foot Clinic we believe ensuring you are able to get the most out of your feet and orthoses.  Assessment for orthoses involve looking at your foot and leg mobility and functionality through multiple tests and analysis. At your assessment we will look at your footwear and discuss what footwear will best assist in improving your foot posture.
During your biomechanical assessment we may identify muscle tightness or weakness and you may be prescribed exercises or stretches to improve your postural position and movement.
Different types of orthotics are available depending on your lifestyle factors, footwear, occupation and foot requirements.