Corns and Callus

What are corns and callous?

Corns and callous are the thickening and hardening of the skin generally in response to pressure or friction. Whilst callus is spread out over the skin surface and corns will penetrate further into the deep layers of skin.

Corns and warts can often be confused and have a similar appearance. Unlike warts, Corns do not have “roots”, they are purely a response to pressure and/or friction.


  • Corns and callus usually look like thick yellow skin, some corns (in between toes) can be white and soggy looking
  • Corns tend to be painful and the skin surrounding the corn can be red
  • Callus when it gets thick can also be painful
  • Callus can also split (fissure) and cause the skin underneath to bleed



Callus and corns are usually caused by pressure or friction, sometimes it is caused by different skin conditions. The pressure or friction can be caused by footwear or as a result of pressure and weight distribution due to foot mechanics.

Treatment Options:

The most effective way to deal with corns and callus is to first address the cause of the issue. Podiatrists at The Northern Foot Clinic are trained to assess your foot mechanics and footwear pressure. Mild callus may be treated at home with gentle use of a pumice stone and good foot moisturiser. Corns are best treated by a podiatrist. Do not use corn or callous removers as these are potentially very dangerous. Most apply-at-home corn or callous treatments contain acids that can burn a hole in your skin and often make the problem worse. Padding that can help reduce pressure or friction that do not contain “medicated discs” are generally safe to use.