Avoid Chilblains this Winter!

A common condition that we see presenting in the clinic during the colder months is chilblains. A chilblain is a localised inflammation of the skin which results from an abnormal vascular response to cold temperatures. The characteristics of a chilblain include a painful and itchy lesion, often red or purple in colour, typically presenting on the tips of the toes or fingers, but can even appear on the ears or nose as well. 

Chilblains can occur when the feet go from very cold, which causes constriction of the blood vessels, to very hot, which causes dilation of the blood vessels. This can result from hopping into a hot shower or warming feet in front of a fire when they are feeling cold. Instead, it is best to try to keep feet warm at all times with the use of socks and/or slippers, and avoiding rapid temperature changes to the feet. 

If you are concerned about how to protect your feet to avoid chilblains this winter, our podiatrists will be able to help you with prevention or treatment to ensure foot comfort year-round. Book now via our website, or phone 08 8287 3888. 

Amy McIntosh