Not all footy boots are created equal!

You probably knew that; below we have standard leather boots and the famous career saver sneaker boots. But it might surprise you to find out that boots are designed differently for positions on the ground.

Lets take ASICS boots as an example

First… football or soccer?

  • Football boots which require more directional changes and sprint efforts will have a higher heel gradient (usually 10mm)
  • Soccer boots which require touch (the ability to feel and control the ball) will have a thinner synthetic upper and shorter stud length, allowing players to get under the ball for lofted kicks.

Different boots for different positions

ASICS have 3 main football boots; the Tigreor, the Testimonial and the Lethal Blend

  • Lethal Blend (Previously Lethal Ultimate): These are your typical career saver boots. Less focus on performance and more on protection with these. They are designed with soft kangaroo leather and a foam that focuses on shock absorption, to protect joints, this means they don’t have the spring of your traditional boots.
  • Tigreor: This is your midfielders boot. It has a high toe spring (the forefoot of the boot is tilted up) to promote sprinting and acceleration. The sprig pattern is also designed with a track down the middle to make it easy to clear mud and maintain good grip.
  • Testimonial: The Testimonial is the boot designed for you key position players. This boots main feature is the longer stud length, it is the boot with the top grip, allowing leading and defending talls to turn as effectively as possible.

Other Brands

Although I’ve only used ASICS as an example, the description of these key features should help you choose a boot that’s specific to your position, whether it’s Nike, Adidas or any other brand. Play in the midfield? Look for a higher toe spring. Play centre half-forward? You might want a longer sprig pattern. Pushing 35? It might be worth investing in some extra foam in your boot.

Dale (Podiatrist/ Full back/ Genuine B-grader/ wears ASICS Testimonials)