Zain Ali

Zain has been serving northern adelaide suburbs for the past 6 years as a podiatrist. Zain has an undergraduate Health Science (Hons) qualification from University of Adelaide with majors in pharmacology, anatomical sciences and reproductive health. She was awarded University of Adelaide’s Dean’s merit award in 2011. Zain carried an honours research with Robinson’s research Institute in Lyell Mc Hospital in 2012.

Zain wanted a medical career that involved working with people so in 2014 she moved to Perth to study a postgraduate doctorate degree in Podiatric Medicine. She graduated in 2016 from University of Western Australia with outstanding grades. After graduation Zain took a full time job as a mobile podiatrist servicing central and south western perth suburbs. Around mid 2017 Zain relocated to Adelaide to be close to family and since have been working across different private clinics.

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