Custom thermoformed orthoses provide a perfect fit between the soles of your feet and the insides of your shoes. They can support your feet in a healthy natural way (like walking barefoot on the beach) and can promote better performance of your lower limb. Orthoses can reduce the forces which cause excessive stress and pain in the body.

They improve the alignment of the foot and leg so that these forces are re-directed to structures that can absorb them effectively. Custom fitted orthoses provide total contact stimulation to sensory nerve endings to improve reflexes, balance and the posture of your body.

When using orthoses you may notice some or all of the following effects:
A significant reduction in your symptoms within two weeks and sometimes immediately, and a feeling that you are walking or running slightly differently. Increased comfort and less fatigue when walking or running may also be evident. More effects may include:

An improvement in the alignment of you foot and leg
Improved balance and stability
Improved posture