Morton’s Neuroma

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

A neuroma is a thickening of a nerve, usually as a result of pressure and irritation. A morton’s neuroma refers specifically to a neuroma that occurs between the metatarsal heads (the knuckle’s of the feet).  In this location the nerves are particularly vulnerable to irritation from pressure as the space is limited. The neuroma is usually accompanied by a bursa (fluid filled sack) which is the body’s internal response to increased pressure or friction (see bursitis), thus often reported as a bursae-neuroma complex.


Morton’s neuroma is often described as a hot burning pain under the ball of the foot, sometimes even described as an electric shock. The pain will often force people to remove the shoe and rub the foot. Narrow footwear can irritate the neuroma.


Certain foot shapes are vulnerable to the bursae-neuroma as well as wearing narrow fitting footwear.


First line of treatment is to look at and address cause of the neuroma. The podiatrists at The Northern Foot Clinic may address this through use of foot orthoses, changing footwear, foot mobilisation, trigger point therapy and foot strengthening. Once the causative factors have been addressed, treatments such as cold laser maybe utilised to assist in healing and reduce inflammation.

When booking: Please bring your current footwear that you most often wear – 1-3 pairs is sufficient.

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