Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails can affect people of all ages and occurs when a piece of any side of the nail protrudes into the surrounding skin, causing pain. It can also result in an easier portal of entry for potential infection. Seeking treatment early is the best way to save unnecessary pain and infection.


  • Improper cutting of toenails
  • Excessive sweating
  • Involuted (or curved) toenail shape
  • Poor fitting footwear
  • Activities or sports that require kicking
  • Trauma to the toenail
  • Some Medications


An ingrown toenail normally presents as a tender, sore, or red corner of the toe. If an infection is present it may become more tender, bleed, become swollen, hot, or ooze with pus. The pain can also be worse with enclosed footwear or with any other pressure on the toe.  Typically, the pain can be so severe that even bedding touching the toe is painful.

Treatment Options: 

  • Cut straight across when cutting toenails at home
  • Seek help for removal of any ingrowing nail spikes by a podiatrist
  • Switch to footwear with a toe box that isn’t too narrow or wide
  • A minor toenail surgery (partial nail avulsion), if the ingrown toenail still persists after many treatments.
    • This involves:
      • Numbing the toe with a local anaesthetic
      • Removing a sliver of the affected side of the nail down to its root
      • Applying a chemical which doesn’t allow the side of the nail to grow back from the root


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