Your Child’s Feet

You are concerned about your child’s feet?

Children’s feet are not smaller adult feet they are still growing and developing and are therefore more vulnerable to undesirable forces.

The podiatrists at The Northern Foot Clinic will thoroughly assess your child’s foot to identify risk factors and advise you on the best course of action. During the consult a thorough developmental history will be taken and we request that you bring with you to the appointment information regarding your child’s birth, developmental history, physical milestones, footwear and your concerns.

*The Northern Foot Clinic is a BUPA members first provider offering gap free kids podiatry for selected BUPA members!

Step Forward

Your Next Step Forward should you suffer from foot pain and feet complaints is to see your local podiatrist at our Gawler and Elizabeth clinics.

We’ll put you in the right direction with expert foot care that’ll get you mobile and walking.

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